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April 24, 2024 2024-04-24 19:24
Tired of searching?

You are one question away from the correct answer.

Kaila makes information more accessible thanks to powerful AI. Without having to search.

Tired of searching?

You are one question away from the correct answer.

Kaila makes information more accessible thanks to powerful AI. Without having to search.

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Expertise & Innovation

Access to our platform also means access to 10 years of AI experience and know-how. We have a unique methodology for integrating, developing and scaling AI across your organization.
easy setup-2x

Market-leading accuracy

Thanks to our advanced Neural Graph technology, Kaila achieves an accuracy of up to 98.5% of the generated responses, based on the input training data which makes it the leader on the market.
human like-2x

Maximum data protection

Your data will remain your data, because we run LLM in our own datacenters. Therefore we provide industry-grade data privacy and security so your corporate date cannot be misused, like with other LLM providers.

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Why kaila?

Unified source of your knowledge

Kaila is an advanced artificial intelligence that can learn all your company knowledge in seconds and then provide very accurate answers to any question.

I am not a chatbot. I'm an AI.

Kaila is a true artificial inteligence based on deep neural networks without any pre defined decision tree.  Thanks to this approach, you and your customers will never be stuck in dead ends, which is typical for chatbots. Kaila using generative AI approach so she will answer any of your question. And don’t panic! Kaila will only ever answer questions that are relevant to the topic at hand.

Stay up to date

Rich integrations. Rich knowledge.

Thanks to rich integrations, Kaila connects seamlessly to your favorite knowledge bases, Google Docs, and Slack to automatically track new changes to conversations or documents.

Automatic change tracking and retrieval.

Don't worry about changing your knowledge base or documents. Kaila will take care of everything herself. So, take a rest!

Create custom apps with our API

Build your own app and bring your customers or employees better experience.

How to get started with Kaila?

Follow these 3 simple steps


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Upload your dataset


Get your answers

Don't matter your size

Use Cases


Product or Service onboarding

Leave any questions about your products or services to Kaila.


Customer support

Are you tired of dealing with more than just routine customer support queries?


Employees support

Lots od process manuals, lots of information? Leave this concern to Kaila.


Call center operators guidelines

Kaila will help your operators find information for their customers instantly.


Customer experience

Enhance you website experience and answer any customer question through Kaila.


Learning & Education

Taking a lot of information for your studies? Kaila helps you to get right an accurate context.

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